03/12/2018 08:14 PM
I believe my first realtor I ever worked with required a pre-approval letter before she showed me the house I was inquiring about in Chester County, PA. I didn't think anything of it and got one right away. I realized later that apparently not all lenders can lend across states and they are required to be licensed for each individual state. When I made an offer on a short sale in Delaware, I had to find a lender that was licensed in that state. I ended up with an awesome lender who actually works out of PA but is licensed in a few states including Delaware. When I refinance to a 15-year soon, I plan on giving him first dibs before I go mortgage shopping. He really pulled through for me when I needed a new pre-approval letter fast (with another offer on the table just like this story). I'm fortunate that my offer looked more "appealing" since I was going conventional. The short sale went through 8-months later.